SECI Recognition for EKC

The Last SECI TSP Meeting Under the Patronage of USAID and USEA

The last SECI TSP meeting under the patronage of USAID and USEA was held in Vienna on October 24th, 2017. Since now, in the next two years, SECI TSP will work as a project of ENTSO-E working group CSE (ContinentSouthEast), with possibility to extend this duration.

FutureFlow Project

Future Flow Audit Evaluation

Succesfull audit of FutureFlow Project, by the European Commission

The consortium of the FutureFlow received excellent audit evaluation implemented by the European Commission at the end of the first third of the project.

FutureFlow Project

Future Flow Project Partners

FutureFlow Project Focusing on Consumers as Guardians of Power Systems

The FutureFlow project is now fully engaged and is progressing at full speed. The Project is already one-third of the way through. Twelve project partners from eight different countries are dealing with the challenges of a modern power system where consumers, equipped with state-of-the-art devices, are no longer just ordinary consumers, but can also produce electricity. Their potential is to become active players in power system security. Like guardians of the power system, contributing to the most challenging of all TSOs’ balancing services.

Analysis and Workshops

Black Sea Regional Transmission System Planning Project (BSTP)

Black Sea Regional Transmission System Planning Project (BSTP)

Black Sea Regional Transmission System Planning Project (BSTP) consists of three parts (one study and two workshops) with the following objectives:

EH2050 in Beijing

eHighway 2050 in Beijing

Presentation of the EH2050 Results to GEIDCO and SGCC in Beijing

Seminar on EH2050 project has been organized in Beijing with the aim to present main results and achievements to State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC – Power producer and TSO for 90% of Chinese power system) and Global Energy Interconnection development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO – Company that supports development of interconnections inside but also outside Asia).

FutureFlow Presentation

European Electricity Ancillary and Balancing Forum, Amsterdam 2017

FutureFlow Presentation at European Electricity Ancillary and Balancing Forum, Amsterdam 2017

The goals and current state of FutureFlow conceptual solutions for balancing and redispatching are presented at European Electricity Ancillary and Balancing Forum in Amsterdam, by EKC and APG representatives.

FutureFlow Project Meeting

FutureFlow Project Meeting

FutureFlow Project Reference Group Meeting in Brussels

In the scope of the activities of international project FutureFlow, a Reference Group meeting with representatives of ENTSO-E was organized in Brussels.

Grid Compliance Testing

Grid Compliance Testing of TPP Stanari

Grid Compliance Testing of TPP Stanari

Engineers from EKC, EFT TPP STANARI and NOS BIH have agreed to perform on-site grid compliance testing of TPP Stanari starting from June 20th.

FutureFlow Project

FutureFlow kick-off meeting

Future Flow Project is Launched

EU-funded research & innovation project "Future Flow" has been launched, with kick-off meeting held in Lubljana 27/28 January 2016, with participation of European Commission, ELES as coordinator and 11 other partner companies from Europe, including EKC.

e-Highway 2050

e-Highway 2050 partners

e-Highway 2050: Europe’s Future Secure and Sustainable Electricity Infrastructure

The European Commission, together with the member states, has defined clear targets for the decarbonisation of the European economy from 2020 up to the mid of the twenty first century (2050).