Course in softwares NetDaM and LoFTee, for the employees of CEE CAO Freising

Course in softwares NetDaM and LoFTee

During the 4-5 of June 2009, EKC organized an introductory course for its software products for Central Allocation Office from Freising, Germany: Network Data Manager (NetDaM) and Load Flow Tracker (LoFTee).

The NetDaM (data preparation, network models validation and merging module) and LoFTee (Load Flow and PTDF/MF calculation module) are presented to the participants in the lectures about the features, usage and results of the calculation process.

These tools are  developed for the Technical Parameters Calculation (TPC), i.e. the PTDF/Maxflow values, within the process of Coordinated flow-based Auctions in Central-East Europe, which is to be set up this year, for the seven countries of CEE region (AT, DE, CZ, SK, PL, HU, SLO) by the Central Allocation Office in Freising.

EKC participates in this IT project within the Siemens/Riecado consortium, with subcontractor DMS group from Novi Sad. Our task is the entire Technical Parameters Calculation process within the IT system.