Power System - Market Analyses

Electricity Market Operation and LMPs

  • Usage of GTMax
  • Detailed simulation of the power systems operation within market environment
  • Maximization of the net revenues while remaining within physical and institutional limitations of the power system
  • Simulation of the dispatch of electric generating units and the economic trade of energy among generation companies using a network representation of the power grid
  • Calculation of market prices for electricity sales/purchases in different regions                                      

Congestion Forecast and Management

  • Using PTI PSS/E
  • Using of PSA

Electricity Market Mechanisms

  • Usage of BETSEE
  • Balancing market
  • Cross border trade mechanisms
  • Coordinated auctioning
  • Allocation of Transmission capacities

Power System Development Planning

  • Usage of WASP IV
  • Determination of the optimal pattern of system expansion to meet the electricity requirements over a given period
  • Dynamic programming method of optimization, to compare the costs of alternative system expansion plans
  • The year-by-year generating capacity additions needed to satisfy the projected system electricity demand with a satisfactory level of reliability with due regard to the characteristics of existing and new generating units


Power System Analysis
- Basic -

Basic course
Voltage stability

Power System Analysis
- Advanced -

Advanced course
Fault and switching analyses
Dynamics - Modeling
Dynamic analyses

Power System
– Market Analysis -

Electricity market operation and LMPs
Congestion forecast and management
Electricity market mechanisms
Power system development planning