Transmission & Distribution Systems

We are regional leader in providing engineering and consulting services for transmission and distribution systems. Our goal is to provide suitable technical support which guarantees to our client safe and reliable operation of electrical system for present and future conditions.

Our experts have a great experience in the following areas:

  • Long-term planning and network development
  • Operational planning
  • Disturbance analyses
  • Connection of new generating and demand facilities
  • Defense and restoration plans
  • Expanding of interconnection
  • Grid code development

Services in related areas comprise the following analyses:

  • Development and validation of simulation models for static and dynamic analyses
  • Static analyses
    • Load flow analyses
    • Voltage profile analyses
    • Contingency analyses
    • Power losses analyses
    • System optimization
    • Voltage and reactive power control
    • Analyses of power exchange scenarios
    • Sensitivity analyses
    • Grid transfer capacity calculation
    • PV and QV analyses
    • Reliability assessment
    • Short circuit analyses
  • Dynamic analyses
    • Voltage stability
    • Transient angle stability
    • Small signal stability (low frequency oscillations)
    • Frequency stability
  • Assessment of protection system settings
  • Power quality analyses
    • Voltage flickers (normal and switching operation)
    • Harmonic distortion
  • EMT analyses
  • Cost-benefit analyses
  • Harmonization of planning and operational requirements with ENTSO-E network codes