Power Quality

Installation  -  Recording  -  Data Analyses  -  Planning

Power Quality and disturbance recorders used by EKC are state of the art, Class A Instruments, enabling EKC to conduct measurements with highest accuracy and analyses according to latest requirements set by international PQ standards and ENTSO-E network codes.

Successfully implemented measurement programmes in transmission system of our clients, facilitated setup and improvement of client’s national power quality standards of energy supply, as well as compliance testing of generating and demand facilities in accordance with ENTSO-E requirements.  

Services in the field of power quality measurements and compliance testing include fully comprised process of measuring and analysis:

  • Development of monitoring program and testing protocols
  • Measurement device installation
  • Data analysis
    • Voltage and Frequency
    • Active and reactive power
    • Transients
    • Fault analysis
    • Voltage dips
    • Overvoltages
    • Power factor
    • Flicker
    • Voltage Unbalance
    • Harmonics...
  • Evaluation of power quality, setting guidelines for national standards
  • Creation of compliance testing report