Power System Analysis - Basic

Analyses of Electric Power Systems – Basic course

  • Using PTI PSS/E
  • Using of TNA
  • System modeling
    • generators
    • lines and cables
    • transformers
    • loads
    • HVDC devices
    • reactors and compensation
  • Load Flow (methods)
  • Network load and voltage profile
  • Contingency analyses
  • System schemes and graphical presentation

Analyses of Electric Power Systems – Voltage stability

  • Using PTI PSS/E
  • Static voltage stability analyses
  • Voltage stability “weakness” identification
  • Maximal transfer capability
  • PQ and PV curves analyses
  • Reactive power compensation and control


Power System Analysis
- Basic -

Basic course
Voltage stability

Power System Analysis
- Advanced -

Advanced course
Fault and switching analyses
Dynamics - Modeling
Dynamic analyses

Power System
– Market Analysis -

Electricity market operation and LMPs
Congestion forecast and management
Electricity market mechanisms
Power system development planning