In addition to consultant services, we also share our knowledge through organizing educational and professional trainings through EKCs special department – Education Center.

Education Center is a department of EKC through which we share our knowledge to wider expert audience. We offer the lectures on electric power systems and electricity markets, as well as the professional expert training for practical usage of related software technologies, developed by us or world-wide known companies.

New technologies, libearization of electricity markets and changes in organization and functioning of electrical companies and changes in legislation, generated lots of new methodologies and market mechanisms. Understanding and applying these mechanisms and methodologies means success in the market. With our experts and partners we can provide courses and lectures, through which your experts can gain valuable knowledge about implementation of the most modern methodologies in electricity market, thus enabling you to increase your knowledge and skills.

Providing consultancy services in Europe, Asia and Africa, has enabled EKC to make vast data base. By using the knowledge of EKC, we can help you to increase the level of knowledge in your company and widen access to valuable information, by building data bases, publishing expert publications or creating software applications as following:

  • Power system analyses:
    • Load flow
    • Fault, switching and breakers duty analyses
    • Static and dynamic stability analyses
    • Optimum power flow
  • Congestion management
  • Electricity market mechanisms
  • Market (price) Coupling
  • Network access and tariff harmonization
  • Inter-TSO compensation (for cross-border transits)
  • Balancing market
  • Cost-benefit analyses for generation and transmission projects


Power System Analysis
- Basic -

Basic course
Voltage stability

Power System Analysis
- Advanced -

Advanced course
Fault and switching analyses
Dynamics - Modeling
Dynamic analyses

Power System
– Market Analysis -

Electricity market operation and LMPs
Congestion forecast and management
Electricity market mechanisms
Power system development planning