Embracing PLEXOS: Recent Updates and Developments

Plexos software

We introduce and foreshadow very exciting news and developments inside our company which you may find interesting for further development, improvement and extension of our cooperation. As you may know, a couple of years have passed since we have procured PLEXOS (Energy Exemplar) market optimization tool.

Consequently, we managed to develop and extend our expertise in market optimization utilizing PLEXOS in two separate branches:

  1. Classical Study Development Branch where we have excelled in developing and using PLEXOS as portfolio optimization tool for hydro and pumped storage generation, balancing market portfolio optimization (interleaved module), renewable energy integration studies, market dispatch, unit commitment studies etc... Please find enclosed below some of the studies conducted using PLEXOS software optimization tool.
  2. In-house experimental and research branch where we have experimented and gained experience in hydro optimization techniques (SDDP and RHHB) in PLEXOS 9 (future cost function approach), OpenPLEXOS expertise with elements of PSS/E integration, complete PLEXOS automatization, scripting in .NET and Python with elements of automatic PLEXOS pipeline integration, nodal-2-zonal modelling, user-defined model development (e.g. CCGT modelling) using decision variable implementation as well as custom module development and much more…

Simultaneously, we managed to couple classical study development branch and integrate it with in-house experimental branch in order to be able to fully utilize and automate PLEXOS in different and various aspects. This kind of synergy has placed us in a unique position on the crossroads of fundamental market modelling, data science and statistical learning, thus enabling and providing us with a huge flexibility in modelling and developing power system optimization problems in PLEXOS.

As stated, we enclose some of our studies conducted using PLEXOS software optimization tool:

We sincerely hope that this short update on our internal as well as consultancy development progress will have an impact on the extension and upgrade of our cooperation.