Renewable Energy

Integration - Wind plants - Solar – Small Hydro – Distributed Generation

EKC has recognized vast potential of renewable sources and supports world’s determination for clean and sustainable energy. Expansion of renewable energy and their integration led to ground breaking changes in technology, power system operation, market&economy creating new challenges in power sector. EKC’s renewable projects and supporting activities through workshops helped our clients to successfully implement the potential of renewable energy as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

High integration goals and rapid development of renewable sources requires technical expertise in new technologies as well as adequate regulatory framework. EKC’s offers comprehensive service covering technical, commercial and regulatory aspects of renewable projects helping our clients to acquire their renewable assets. 

EKC’s expertise is recognized both from private investors and utilities, from technical issues of carried out projects:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Integration of renewable source simulation model
  • Load flow analyses – network element loadings, security assessment, power losses, voltage and reactive power control
  • Short circuit contribution assessment
  • Impact of intermittent renewable production on power system
  • Transient  and Mid-term stability - Stability assessment after large disturbances in the power system
  • Short-term and long-term voltage stability assessment
  • Small signal stability assessment
  • Assessment of power quality indices in connection point – flicker, harmonic distortion, etc.
  • EMT simulations - Switching transient overvoltage assessment
  • Optimal PCC analyses

…to institutional strengthening:

  • Grid code development
  • Workshops and knowledge share
  • System reserve analyses
  • Network security assessment
  • Developing strategies
  • Legislation enforcement