Further Enhance Capacity to Use PSS/E Software

Further Enhance Capacity to Use PSS/E Software
Further Enhance Capacity to Use PSS/E Software

While the previous PSS/E training focused more on theoretical usage of PSS/E software, this workshop focused more on practical usage of PSS/E software within TANESCO departments. All the analyses were performed on recently developed and validated current state model for 2017. Together with the trainers, TANESCO engineers performed advanced contingency analyses and identified all possible critical outages and appropriate preventive and corrective actions. Based on this information TANESCO engineers created remedial actions datasheet, which is the first part of a transmission system defense plan. The purpose of a remedial actions datasheet is to give direct instructions to grid control center dispatchers on how to save system integrity in case of some critical outage.  The trainers also covered some additional topics that had been explained in the previous training, but this time used the validated current state 2017 model. The main topics of PSS/E workshop were:

  • Advanced contingency analyses
    • N-1-1 Contingency Solution
    • Multi-level AC Contingency
    • Tripping Simulation
    • Corrective actions
  • Creation of remedial action plan
    • Interpreting corrective actions report
    • Table of corrective actions (automatic and manual)
  • Inertia and governor load flow
  • Reactive power compensation and control
    • Reactive power support from generators
    • Optimal locations of compensation devices
  • Reactive power planning using PSS/E OPF
  • Perspective model of TANESCO system
    • Power flow simulations
    • Voltage profile assessment
    • Contingency analyses
    • Conclusions and recommendations
  • Requirements on additional data for short-circuit and dynamic analyses
    • Questionnaire for short circuit data
    • Questionnaire for dynamic data