The session of courses for SCC: CGMES format, advanced TNA software usage and network, market and application aspects of transmission capacity calculation


The project involves training of SCC engineers about the format and the application of CGMES (CIM xml) format, at Individual and Common Grid Models (IGM, CGM), and at Euopean Merging Function (EMF). It also involves the advanced training course for TNA 2.3 software developed by EKC and SE DMS, in everyday usage by SCC.

Training sessions:              

  • Introduction, standards defining CGMES, ENTSOE requirements
  • Model Manager
  • CGMES through TNA - free scenarios, model builder
  • Basic analyses/functions with CGMES models
  • CGMES through TNA - DACF/D2CF/IDCF Managers
  • Graphic diagrams in TNA (DIAG, GEOG)
  • Working with EMF IOP test models
  • API
  • Flow-based capacity calculation: methodology, processes in Europe, TNA function