Bidding Curves for Market Coupling Simulation in SEE (Project Extension MC Simulator)

MC Simulator Bidding Curves

ordered by: SEE TSOs, Energy Community Secretariat, (Austria)
type: Study (Market, Software)
finishing time: September 2014
team: Zoran Vujasinović – Project Leader, D. Vlaisavljević, I. Mihajlović, M. Vuković – Consultant

The main task of this Study is to collect the current publicly available data on SEE power systems, and to obtain electricity market simulation (GTmax software), in order to provide the corresponding supply and demand curves per each power system.

These bidding curves will serve to the EnCS and SEE TSOs for the NTC-based and Flow-Based Market Coupling simulation in SEE region, applied through the Market Coupling Simulator software.

The power systems in the scope: Albania, BiH, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, FYR Macedonia, Kosovo*, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, Moldova.

Type of services provided:

  • SEE market simulation
  • Provision of bidding (sell/buy) orders
  • Final Report