Bosnia and Herzegovina: Connection Study of TPP Banovici, Block 1-350 MW to the Transmission Network

Connection Study of TPP Banovici (Block 1-350 MW )

On 24th of November 2014, RMU “Banovici” has announced a public procurement procedure of the "Study of technical solution of the connection thermal power plant Banovici block 1 -350 MW to the transmission network". Of all the submitted bids, the bid of consortium, consisting of EKC (Serbia) and EI Hrvoje Pozar (Croatia) was chosen as the cost effective one.

The goal of the Study is connection of TPP Banovici, 350MW to the transmission network, according to the in/out principle to the OHL 400 kV Tuzla 4 - TS Sarajevo 10.
The aim of the study is to thoroughly examine the possibility of constructing the TPP Banovici which is to be connected to the transmission network of BiH, considering the state of 400, 220 and 110 kV network in future period till 2019, and to provide the best possible solution for its connection.

Within the analysis assessed, the following tasks will be performed:

  • Check of relevant parameter and characteristic of the new generation unit and its inherent block-transformers
  • Load flow and voltage profile studies
  • Study security analyses
  • Short circuit analyses according to IEC 60909
  • Static and Transient stability analyses
  • Auxiliary supply analyses
  • Based on the results obtained, the verification of the generator block- diagram.