FutureFlow Project Reference Group Meeting in Brussels

FutureFlow Project Meeting

In the scope of the activities of international project FutureFlow, a Reference Group meeting with representatives of ENTSO-E was organized in Brussels.

Meeting was attended by the ENTSO-E representatives (among other Mr. Carlo Sabbeli, Chair of ENTSO-E Research & Development Committee, as well as Mr. Kjell Arne Barmsnes, Convener WG AS ENTSO-E), TSO representatives (TenneT GmbH, Terna, APG, Swissgrid, Mavir, Transelectrica, ELES; HOPS, Elering, Litgrid) and FutureFlow project team representatives (ELES, EKC).

Introduction of the international project FutureFlow to the TSO representatives was done by the coordinator of the FutureFlow project Uros Salobir (ELES). The key elements of the project, which will have a strong influence in the field of real-time balancing of power systems and balancing market integration between the countries of Europe were presented by EKC (Zoran Vujasinovic, Dusan Vlaisavljevic, Iva Mihajlovic Vlaisavljevic) and ELES (Matjaz Dolinar) experts.

A strong intersection of contents of FutureFlow project and current activities in the ENTSO-E organization, which was confirmed during the meeting, triggered an agreement on long term cooperation between the project and ENTSO-E organization.