Presentation of the EBRD funded project MEPSO ADR in Economic Chamber of Macedonia

Economic Chamber of Republic of Macedonia November 14th, 2018

EKC team delivered presentation of the successfully completed project MEPSO Automated Demand Response on November 14th, 2018. The session took place in Economic Chamber of Republic of Macedonia in the presence of representatives from MEPSO, EVN, Ministry of Economy, Regulatory Agency, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, ELEM, Macedonian large industries - direct customers and others.

The duration of the EBRD funded project was 13 months, during which EKC project team delivered:

  • comprehensive review of the legislative framework in Republic of Macedonia and developed countries, including recommendations for further amendments of the national primary and secondary legislative
  • Demand Response options analysis, including classification of demand in groups, creation of consumptions diagram and identification of demand portfolio
  • review of market effects and their impact on demand behaviours, tariff plan and role of Demand Response aggregators
  • review of Demand Response technologies, including basic functionalities and technologies that enable the above functionalities
  • business plan regarding recommended Demand Response initial stage implementation, and
  • suggestions for the Demand Response programme design, which takes into account current momentum in electricity sector of Macedonia.

Being the first project related to Demand Response in the electricity sector of Macedonia, this project provided recommendations to MEPSO regarding initial implementation of the Demand Response in domain of balancing. This was subject to discussion during the project final presentation to MEPSO held earlier in the week, on November 12th in MEPSO premises.

Appreciating the importance and potential of Demand Response in achieving a low carbon, efficient electricity system at reasonable cost, this project also identified activities and areas for further research, as well as projects that should facilitate Demand Response implementation in Macedonian electricity sector.