Workshop – Renewables

Workshop – Renewables

Two-day renewables workshop was held in Sarajevo BiH, 31. March – 01. April 2014. EKC, the workshop moderator, held an open panel discussion presenting to BiH energy sector’s responsible subjects the highest standards of European practice in connection renewable generation to power system. The Grid Code compliance procedure was presented in form of standard procedure both for operators of transmission and distribution grid. The workshop participants contributed to overall quality of the workshop with active discussion and exchange of their experience.

Workshop programme:

Day 1

  • General characteristics of renewable generation units, installed capacity in the region and worldwide.
  • Generation principles of different commercially available wind turbines and implications to power system performance 
  • Generation principles solar power plant with photovoltaic technology and implications to power system performance 
  • Implications of variability in generation of renewable sources towards regulation in power system
  • Transmission and distribution grid codes 
  • Retrospective view of new ENTSO-E Network Code – General technical conditions for connection 
  • Study/analysis for connection of renewable generation to transmission/distribution grid

Day 2 

  • Certification and testing objectives 
  • Role of system operator and investor/user 
  • Testing and connection process and certification model
  • Presentation of Grid Code compliance test protocol
  • Validation and Grid Code compliance test examples

    Workshop participants:
  • DERK - The State Electricity Regulatory Commission
  • NOS BiH
  • Elektroprivreda BiH Sarajevo
  • Elektrokrajina Banja Luka