Assessment on the Impact of Clean Energy Targets on SEE Electricity Market and Network Operation

South East Europe
Assessment on the Impact of Clean Energy Targets on SEE Electricity Market and Network Operation


Type: Study

Finishing date: February 2022 (April 2022)

Team: EKC (Serbia) - EI Hrvoje Pozar (Croatia); EKC team: Dragana Orlic - Project Manager, Dj. Dobrijevic, B. Lekovic, B. Sijakovic, M. Kostic

The objective of this study was to analyze and quantify the impacts of decarbonisation (reduction in lignite and coal capacities) on both the electricity network and market operation in the SEE region, and to prepare the EMI members and regulators to deal with those impacts.

This study included two analyses: first, a study of the changes in the regional electricity market due to potential decommissioning of the old lignite/coal fired plants; and second, an assessment of the network impacts of such development, including where congestion may arise and new transmission may be required.

The analysis focused on the target year 2030. Regional market analysis were carried out with Antares software tool providing the impact of decarbonisation on wholesale market prices, country balances, cross-border flows and congestion costs. Regional network analyses were carried out with PSS/E software tool and analyzed the impact of decarbonisation on the load flows, voltage profiles, secure grid operations and congestions.

Network and market models (in Antares and PSS/E forms) have been transferred to the EMI participants, with the necessary data and trainings focused on advanced features of these software tools.

Type of services provided:

  • Development of the EMI power systems model in Antares sw tool
  • Analyses of the system operation in 2030 in different Scenarios
  • Implementation of the MonteCarlo simulations for different climatic, hydrological and thermal availability conditions
  • Calculation of system operation indicators
  • Selection of the relevant operating regimes for grid analyses
  • EMI regional transmission network model update
  • Load flow calculations and voltage profiles assessment, as well as network loading and security analyses