Building of CGMES Node-Breaker Model of Serbian Grid

Building of CGMES Node-Breaker Model of Serbian Grid

client: Elektromreza Srbije AD (Serbia)

type: Analysis (Software, Transmission)

finishing date: March 2019

team: Danka Todorovic – Project Leader, Z. Vujasinovic – Consultant, B. Brdjanin, B. Lutovac, I. Aljancic

Common Grid Model Exchange Standard (CGMES) is a baseline exchange standard for the implementation of the Common Grid Model (CGM) methodologies defined by ENTSO-E. The CGMES supports a node-breaker and a bus-branch model exchanges, where node-breaker model considers all switching devises to be modelled in detail.

The subject of this project is creation of CGMES 2.4.15 node-breaker individual grid model of transmission network of Serbia, to be fully compliant with “Quality Of CGMES Datasets And Calculations For System Operations – third edition”. For these purposes, model builder within Transmission Network Analyzer (TNA 2.3) software is used.

Type of services provided:

  • Creation of a network model
  • Verification and validation of the model