Capacity Calculation Software for Compliance with 70% CEP Rule

Capacity Calculation Software for Compliance with 70% CEP Rule

Client: APG Austrian Power Grid (Austria)

Type: Software

Finishing date: January 2021 (October 2021)

Team: Consortium EKC - Schneider Electric DMS (Serbia); EKC team: Danka Todorovic – Project Manager, D. Vlaisavljevic – Consultant, B. Lekovic, B. Lutovac

This project aimed at providing capacity calculation software solution for compliance with 70% CEP regulation rule, including all phases of software design, development and testing. The methodology is based on the requirements of CEP Regulation 2019/943 and related ACER Recommendation on minimum margin available for cross-zonal trade (MACZT).

This module for MACZT analysis is embedded into NTC and FB capacity calculation within TNA 2.4 software and calculates MACZT, its portions - MCCC (margin from coordinated capacity calculation) and MNCC (margin from non-coordinated capacity calculation), as well as target NTC value or RAM values needed to fulfill 70% criteria. MACZT calculation integrates the functionalities of existing TNA module for Power Flow Colouring (PFC), providing decomposed flows per polluters/relievers and thus loop flow on each listed CNEC.

It can be run at all Forecast procedure in TNA (D-2, D-1, Intra-day, SN) or at single scenario, although business process sees it in D-2 time horizon.

Type of services provided:

  • Development of methodology for MACZT analysis and checking compliance with 70% CEP rule
  • Development of proposed solution as a new module embedded in TNA software
  • FAT and SAT execution
  • Delivery of upgraded license for TNA 2.4 software
  • Advanced users training
  • Annual Support and Maintenance services after MACZT functionality Go-Live