Connection of the TPP Stanari (420MVA) to the EPS of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Connection of the TPP Stanari (420MVA) to the EPS of Bosnia and Herzegovina

client: EFT Rudnik and TPP Stanari (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

type: Internal Study (Transmission, Generation)

finishing date: July 2008

team: M. Vukovic – Project Leader, Dj. Dobrijevic, S. Markovic, N. Krajisnik

Study examines the possibility of constructing the TPP Stanari (420MW active power), which is to be connected to the transmission network of B&H, considering the state of 400, 220 and 110 kV network in future period till 2014 and to provide the best possible solution for its connection.

At this moment, it is of great significance that this TPP, which by its location plays an important role in the transmission network on the north of the country, stays securely connected with EPS B&H. In that way, after installation of unit in TPP Stanari, it should be ensured that outage of any transmission element, which is used for delivering power from the TPP Stanari, does not cause any aggravated exploitative conditions in any part of EPS B&H or its work failure.

Connection conditions must ensure that the system operates normally, after connecting of new objects. In other words, user must not be affected by its own connection.

All calculations are performed considering market based exchange programs between B&H and neighbors.

Type of services provided:

  • Load flow analyses,
  • Short circuit analyses,
  • Transient stability analyses,
  • Frequency response analyses,
  • Auxiliary supply analyses,
  • Techno-economical aspects