Connection Study for 110/10kV Substation for Supply of Steel Smelter Factory Mei Ta

Connection Study for 110/10kV Substation for Supply of Steel Smelter Factory Mei Ta

Client: Elektromreza Srbije a.d. (Serbia)

Type: Study

Finishing date: April 2019 (July 2021)

Team: Milan Stojanovic – Project Leader, D. Todorovic

Due to the planned expansion of the production volume, it became necessary to provide factory supply from the 110kV transmission system instead of the medium voltage distribution system which is the present case. Factory is producing automotive parts, engine parts and general industrial parts.

Connection study of 110/10kV SS analyzes the influence of planned factory expansion on power quality parameters in the point of common coupling, first of all from the aspect of voltage harmonic distortion, total harmonic distortion (THD) and short-term (Pst) and long-term (Plt) flicker emission. Calculated values of power quality parameters are compared with technical requirements outlined in the Grid Code.

Based on the conducted power quality measurements of the existing steel smelter, simulation model adequate for power quality analysis is developed in DIgSILENT PowerFactory software tool. The analysis output obtained from the simulation model is compared to the results of conducted measurement for validation purposes. Based on the model of existing production facility, simulation model for planned expansion of the factory was developed based on which power quality analysis for planned state was carried out and output results were then compared to technical criteria defined by the Grid Code.

Type of services provided:

  • Analysis of power quality measurements
  • Development of simulation model suitable for power quality analysis
  • Harmonic distortion analysis
  • Total harmonic distortion analysis
  • Flicker emission analysis