Connection Study of Wind Power Plant 120MW to the Transmission Network of Serbia

Connection Study of Wind Power Plant 120MW to the Transmission Network of Serbia

client: Elektromreza Srbije AD (Serbia)

type: Study

finishing date: February 2017

team: Milan Stojanovic – Project Manager, N. Jovic – Consultant, D. Todorovic

Main objective of the study was to analyze compliance of wind power plant’s (120MW) selected wind turbines with the Serbian Grid Code, at selected point of common coupling suggested by the Investor. In order investigate the compliance of the WPP with Grid Code requirements, following activities have been performed:

  • WPP modeling and integration of the simulation model into the regional dynamic model in PSSE and DIgSILENT PowerFactory software tools
  • Load flow analyses – network element loadings, security N-1 assessment, power losses calculation, voltage and reactive power control possibility assessment at PCC
  • Short circuit contribution assessment
  • Transient stability analysis –Capability analysis of wind generators to maintain stability and provide the required voltage support in cases of simulated voltage dips (Fault Ride Through) and voltage increases (High Voltage Ride Through) in the network
  • Mid-term stability - Stability assessment after large disturbances in the power system of Serbia and neighbouring power systems
  • Small signal stability assessment
  • Assessment of power quality indices at PCC – Flickers (normal and switching operation) and harmonic distortion assessment (THD)

Type of services provided:

  • Load flow analysis
  • Network security N-1 assessment
  • Voltage and reactive power control analysis
  • Short circuit analysis
  • Transient stability analysis (FRT and HVRT)
  • Mid-term stability analysis
  • Small signal stability analysis
  • Power quality analysis