Connection Study of Wind Power Plant Debelo Brdo (54MW) to the Transmission Network of B&H

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Connection Study of Wind Power Plant Debelo Brdo (54MW) to the Transmission Network of B&H

client: Koncing Ltd. (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

type: Report

finishing date: October 2019

team: Milan Ivanovic - Project leader, M. Vukovic - Consultant, M. Kostic, N. Jovic

Objective of the connection study is to analyze all possible connection variants and to determine optimal point of interconnection between WPP Debelo Brdo and transmission network, taking into account valid transmission network development plan and minimization of the total investment costs for the connection infrastructure.

After determination of interconnection point, the following tasks have been performed in order to verify whether wind turbines SWT-3.0-113, envisaged to be installed in WPP Debelo Brdo, comply with the BIH grid code:

  • Integration of simulation model of WPP Debelo Brdo into regional SEE dynamic model in software PSSE and DIgSILENT
  • Load flow analyses – network element loadings, security N-1 assessment, power losses, voltage and reactive power control
  • Short circuit contribution assessment
  • Impact of intermittent WPP Debelo Brdo production on power system of BIH (system reserve)
  • Mid-term stability - Stability assessment after large disturbances in the power system of BIH
  • Short-term and long-term voltage stability assessment
  • Small signal stability assessment
  • Assessment of power quality indices in connection point - Voltage flickers (normal and switching operation), harmonic distortion
  • EMT simulations - Switching transient overvoltage assessment.

Type of services provided:

  • Optimal PCC analyses
  • Load flow analyses
  • Network security assessment
  • Voltage stability and reactive power control analyses
  • Short circuit analyses
  • System reserve analyses
  • Transient stability analyses
  • Mid-term stability analyses
  • Small signal stability analyses
  • Power quality analyses
  • EMT analyses