Consulting Services for Implementation of New SCADA/EMS

Consulting Services for Implementation of New SCADA/EMS

client: CGES AD (Montenegro)

type: Consulting services (Power System Monitoring and Control, Transmission)

finishing date: December 2017 (December 2019)

team: consortium EKC -EFusion (Montenegro); EKC team: M. Vuković - Project Leader, N. Jovic, Z. Vujasinovic, Z. Nesovanovic

CGES plans to improve their existing monitoring and control capacities by realizing the project of new SCADA/EMS system in National and Back-up Dispatching centres. New system architecture comprises two parallel and independent dispatching centres on two different locations in accordance with ENTSO-E requirements.

The objectives of this project are:

  • Preparation of complete tender documentation, which includes general tender requirements, draft Contract and technical requirements for system architecture, user interface, SCADA, load frequency control, power system analyses, forecast applications, VAR/voltage control, ancillary service management, transparency module, operating reports, scheduling, dispatcher training simulator and system performance 
  • Preparation of methodology for bids evaluation and support during evaluation of bids
  • Technical and administrative support during Project management
  • Support during project implementation, including:
  • verification of any additional upgrades/changes during project realization
  • acceptance of software and hardware solutions provided by Contractor
  • software and hardware delivery, FAT, training, reporting, installation, system acceptance, trial period etc.

Type of services provided:

  • Consulting services