Development of Software Tool for Data Conversion from ENTSO-E PEMMDB to PLEXOS

Germany, The Netherlands
Development of Software Tool for Data Conversion from ENTSO-E PEMMDB to PLEXOS

Client: Energy Exemplar (United Kingdom)

Type: Software

Finishing date: December 2022

Team: Nebojsa Jovic - Project Manager, N. Georgijevic, O. Vukovic

The main goal of the project is technical support to the Energy Exemplar company in the process of implementing the PLEXOS software tool, which includes revision and modification of the data management system. Within the project, it is necessary to ensure the conversion of data from the valid ENTSO-E PEMMDB database (Pan-European Market Modelling Database) to the PLEXOS database through the creation of an automated process. The converter is built in PYTHON programming language and uses a JSON schema to indicate how the PEMMDB should be treated for loading into PLEXOS database. The PLEXOS Database is created first in Excel (PLEXOS import/export format) and then the excel converted to a .xml (PLEXOS input format) so the user can operate with it.

This Project covers the following activities:

  • Implement the conversion process according to given Automation Guidelines following the project structure and good practices,
  • Produce the documentation associated with the implementation
  • Highlight inconsistencies or improvement opportunities in the Automation Guidelines or the automation process (if identified)
  • Split high-level assignments in smaller tasks and report status (progress, remaining effort, estimated delivery dates, risks) in the Stand-Up meetings and through DevOps.
  • Assist with testing (performing manually given tests through DevOps) to check that the database resulting from running the converter has the correct values
  • Collaborate with the team to complete team assignments and meet team deadlines.

Type of service provided:

  • Revision of the technical specifications for the creation of the ENTSO-E PEMMDB converter
  • Creation of functions of the ENTSO-E PEMMDB converter in the PYTHON programming language
  • Performance testing of the ENTSO-E PEMMDB converter
  • Fixing observed software errors ("bugs")