Eastern Africa Power System Modelling

Eastern Africa
Eastern Africa Power System Modelling


Type: Training

Finishing date: December 2020 (December 2022)

Team: Nebojsa Jovic - Project Manager, M. Ivanovic, M. Stojanovic, B. Lutovac

The objective of this program is to increase the Regional Centers in East Africa Region NELSAP and EAPP planning staff’s capacity for advanced modeling in PSS/E software tool and long-term planning. The tasks performed within this Scope of Work include:

Training 1

  • Introduction to basic principles of transmission system modeling;
  • Performing load flow analyses;
  • Modeling power plant components for stability studies;
  • Validation procedures;
  • Data requirements for various models and stability studies

Training 2

  • Introduction to dynamic simulation principles;
  • Introduction to dynamic model development;
  • Performing dynamic analyses;
  • Small signal simulations

Training 3

  • Performing advanced contingency analyses taking into account multi-level contingency analyses, tripping simulations and corrective actions;
  • Implementing renewable generation and simulating their effects on the grid;
  • Performing Inertia/Governor load flow calculations;
  • Performing PV, QV analysis;
  • Reactive power planning

Type of services provided: Training