Evaluation of Position and Obligations of CGES in Cases of Outages HVDC MONITA

Evaluation of Position and Obligations of CGES in Cases of Outages HVDC MONITA

client: CGES a.d. (Montenegro)

type: Report

finishing date: April 2019

team: Zoran Vujasinovic – Project Manager, N. Jovic – Consultant, B. Lutovac, B. Brdjanin

The aim of the elaborate is to analyse CGES obligations in case of outage of HVDC MONITA (ME-IT) from the aspect of security, with an analysis of the options:

  • inclusion of HVDC in the balance of the country's balance sheet, where the HVDC outage would be treated as a redispatching problem
  • non-inclusion of the HVDC in the balance of the country's balance, where the outage of the HVDC would be treated as a balancing problem (as Italian and Montenegrin imbalances)

It is necessary for both options to find the advantages/disadvantages from the position of Montenegro, and with the analysis of the European legislation (System Operation GL as the basis).

As part of the study, the critical network states are analysed with 600 MW exchanges via HVDC MONITA in both directions, and the impact of eventual outages on the networks of Montenegro, South East Europe and the region of the Northern Borders of Italy (NBI).

Proposals of operational measures are provided in the CGES system or in coordination with the neighboring TSOs, which can potentially cause potential congestion, taking into account the availability of power plants in Montenegro and the region that could be involved in the implementation of operational measures. In the event that the proposed measures require so, an estimate is made of the costs that CGES would have in their implementation.

Type of services provided:

  • Load flow and security analyses
  • Analyses or European legislation, in processes of congestion management and balancing
  • Reporting