EWA Bahrein - Grid Impact Studies

Bahrein, GCCIA
EWA Bahrein - Grid Impact Studies

Client: EDF CIST (France), EWA (Bahrein)

Type: Study (Transmission)

Finishing date: November 2019 (March 2020)

Team: EDF Cist (France) - EKC; EKC team: Predrag Miksa - Project Manager, D. Todorovic

In the past, Bahrain system has experienced large disturbances that caused somewhat undesired system behaviour. Goal of this project is to verify and validate system models on these events, so respective system model replicate system behaviour in real system recordings. Furthermore, on these verified and validate models perform system analyses for 2020 and analyze adequacy of implemented protection system and propose remedial actions for beter performance of the Bahrein transmission system.

Type of services provided:

  • Upgrade of models for Load flow
  • Upgrade of models for Fault analyses
  • Upgrade of models for Dynamics
  • Upgrade of models with protections
  • Dynamic stability analyses
  • Implementing remedial actions
  • Evaluation of protection system operation