Generation Surplus Projections in South-East Europe (SEE) Region and Electricity Market Scenarios in the period 2006 - 2016

SE Europe and Italy

client: TERNA (Italy)

type: Regional Study (Transmission, Market)

finishing date: May 2007

team: M. Vukovic – Project Leader, S. Mijailovic - Consultant, A. Kovacevic – Consultant, Z. Vujasinovic, T. Martinovic, D. Harambasic, N. Jovic

Objective of the study is analysis of different scenarios of generation surplus in SEE region and features of electricity market development. Study deals with analyses of SEE transmission network evolution in the period under analysis and an evaluation of the potential possibility for electricity trade with the Italian electricity market through corridors of exchange and under sea cables, highlighting the most appropriate paths of import to Italy and potential barriers to trade and congestion location in SEE in the three target years (2007/2011/2016).

Type of services provided:

  • Generation expansion plans/demand forecast per SEE power system and surplus capabilities
  • Forecast of electricity prices range in SEE
  • Assessment and evolution of transfer capacities between SEE countries
  • Perspective congestion location in SEE transmission network in case of transfer towards Italy
  • List of recommendations, identifying the needs and opportunities for facilitating electricity exchanges between SEE countries and the Italian electricity market