Grid Compliance Testing of CCPP Pancevo

Grid Compliance Testing of CCPP Pancevo

Client: Shanghai Electric Power Generation Engineering (Serbia)

Type: Other

Finishing date: April 2021 (December 2021)

Team: Nebojsa Jovic - Project Manager, M. Ivanovic, M. Stojanovic

The grid compliance testing of CCPP Pancevo comprises the following activities:

  • Technical support in the process of providing required technical documentation to Serbian TSO (EMS AD)
  • Creation of detailed Testing Protocol compliant with compliance testing procedure for synchronous generating units, issued by Serbian TSO (EMS AD)
  • Coordination and conduction of the following required compliance tests
    • Synchronisation test
    • Active power control tests
    • Reactive power and voltage control tests
    • Power system stabilizer test
    • Tripping to houseload test
    • Communication interface
  • Creation of Testing Report and validation of simulation model for CCPP Pancevo

Type of services provided:

  • Data collection
  • Creation of testing protocols
  • On-site test conduction
  • Creation of testing report
  • Validation of simulation model