Grid Connection Study for CHP (192 MW) to the Transmission Network of Serbia – TE-TO Pancevo

Grid Connection Study for CHP (192 MW) to the Transmission Network of Serbia

client: Elektromreza Srbije AD (Serbia)

type: Study

finishing date: August 2016 (August 2018)

team: Milan Ivanovic - Project Manager; M. Stojanovic, M. Vukovic - Consultant

CHP (192 MW) is currently under construction, and it is planned to be commissioned in 2019.

One of the basic goals of this Study is to suggest necessary conditions for connection of the new CHP to the power system of Serbia, for the given plant location and assumed operating conditions of the power system. The other goal of the Study is to verify electromechanical characteristics and parameters of control systems of the new power plant for the expected conditions of the power system, as well as parameters of step-up transformers. All parameters and characteristics must be in line with the security criterions. Calculation results should point out increase of short-circuit currents and its effects to equipment within zone of influence of the new power plant.

Type of services provided:

  • Checking of relevant parameters and characteristic of the new generation units and their step-up transformers
  • Load flow and voltage profile analyses
  • Security analyses
  • Short circuit analyses according to IEC 60909
  • Static and Transient stability analyses
  • Auxiliary supply assessment
  • Verification of electromechanical parameters