Harmonisation of EMS AD Grid Code with ENTSO-E Network Codes

Harmonisation of EMS AD Grid Code with ENTSO-E Network Codes

client: Elektromreza Srbije AD (Serbia)

type: Study (Policies)

finishing date: May 2019

team: Nebojsa Jovic - Project Leader, M. Stojanovic, Dj. Dobrijevic, O. Vukovic

The project aims to develop new national Grid Code in the terms of connection of generating units, direct consumers and distribution networks harmonized with ENTSO-E network codes (Requirements for Generators Network Code and Demand Connection Code Network Code).

The following results are accomplished:

  • New structure and content of Serbian Connection Code
  • Methodology for estimating and determining and / or modifying specific parameters within the range defined by ENTSO-E regulation that respects the specificities of the Serbian Power System and the optimal relationship between the desired level of security of supply, the economic cost-effectiveness of changing existing equipment, or purchasing new as well as favorable investment environment for development in the energy sector
  • New technical requirements for connection of generator units compliant with ENTSO-E Network Code
  • New technical requirements for connecting direct consumers and distribution networks compliant with ENTSO-E Network code

Type of services provided:

  • Data collection
  • Techno economic analysis
  • Definition of technical requirements for national Grid Code
  • Creation of national Grid Code