Impact of Electric Arc Furnance in “Zeljezara” Niksic to Power Quality in Transmission System

Study PQ Zeljezara CGES

client: CGES (Montenegro)

type: Study (Power Quality)

finishing date: May 2013

team: Andrija Oros – Project Leader, T. Martinovic

Power system of Montenegro includes several significant consumers of electrical power whose direct influence regarding power quality was never precisely evaluated. Also in general, the level of power quality within the whole power system of Montenegro is not precisely determined in terms of latest power quality standards. One of the main power consumer is “Zeljezara” Niksic and due to the specifics of the steel production process the negative effects towards power quality in the grid could be considerable.

This study determines an impact of the production process in steel smelter “Zeljezara” to power quality and voltage in transmission system. Specifically, 110 kV substation Niksic is concerned and the comparisons are to be done according to latest standards in periods when steel smelter is energized and fully operative, as well as periods when EAF is not operative. The measurement and result analyses will point to further steps towards raising the level of power quality for given location in transmission system of Montenegro. In particular interest is level of flicker emission, harmonic impact as well as the power factor of industrial consumer connected to transmission system of Montenegro.

Type of services provided:

  • Measurement and effects of EAF in steel smelter “Željezara” Niksic regarding power quality in SS Niksic
  • Defining the list of power quality parameters to be measured
  • Consumer’s active and reactive power analyses
  • Power factor analyses
  • Voltage quality at 110 kV level in SS Niksic
  • Voltage unbalance level
  • Short and long term flicker indexes
  • Individual and total voltage harmonic distortion