Kenya Renewables Integration – Operational Enhancements

Kenya Renewables Integration – Operational Enhancements

client: Tetra Tech ES. Inc. (USA), Power Africa Transactions and Reforms Program

type: Study (Transmission, Renewable, Policies)

finishing date: March 2019 (September 2019)

team: Nebojsa Jovic - Project Manager, M. Ivanovic, M. Stojanovic, B. Lutovac

Based on the work completed thus far, and the focus and urgency on ensuring reliable and economic power system operation, the primary objective of this assignment is to analyze the following issues and suggest corresponding mitigation measures:

  • Kenyan power system stability – Analyses comprise identification of network issues with commissioned WPP Lake Turkana and recommend corresponding mitigation measures, analyses of current turbine-governor settings and frequency control requirements and suggestions for its improvements, as well as the assessment of existing operational procedures and provide recommendations for its updates after commissioning of WPP Lake Turkana
  • System Emergency Procedures
    • System Defense Plan – Comprising list of automatic and manual corrective dispatching actions in case of system disturbances
    • System Restoration Plan – Comprising detailed restoration plan in case of system blackout
  • Real time data exchange with Lake Turkana WPP – Analyses of current PPA requirements in the terms of real-time data exchange and suggest improvements for satisfying technical and commercial requirements, as well as definition of operational procedures for conducting appropriate audits (for quality) of submitted real time data from Lake Turkana WPP
  • Training - related to implementation of new/updated operational procedures.

Type of services provided:

  • Data collection and analyses
  • Steady-state and dynamic model creation
  • Steady state analyses
  • Dynamic analyses
  • System defense plan
  • System restoration plan
  • SCADA/EMS data assessment
  • Training