Market valorization of the HVDC cable Montenegro-Italy from the position of the Montenegrin TSO CGES

Market valorization of the HVDC cable

client: CGES (Montenegro)

type: Study (Market, Policies)

finishing date: February 2013

team: Zoran Vujasinovic – Project Leader, D. Orlic, S. Markovic, T. Martinovic, D. Vlaisavljevic, M. Vukovic - Consultant

CGES, in collaboration with the Italian TSO Terna plans to put into operation HVDC cable capacity of 1000 MW, between Montenegro and Italy, until year 2017.

The study analyzes the financial impact of commissioning of HVDC transmission cable to the cross-border capacities between Montenegro and the expected results of allocation of transmission capacity in the period after the commissioning of HVDC cable. Also the benefits for producers and consumers in Montenegro are analysed, through the market coupling simulation, at the market model of continental Europe.

The analyzes were performed in GTMax, with target years 2017, 2020 and 2025.

In order to simulate the effects of market coupling, the following is assessed:

  • perspective transfer capacities;
  • surplus/deficit positions;
  • available generation technologies and respective costs.

The second part of the study deals with aspects of HVDC cable with a standard third party access, in accordance with EU legislation, citing similar examples in Europe and related documents.

Type of services provided:

  • Surplus/deficit and prices analysis in Continental Europe
  • Analysis of transmission capacities
  • Market coupling simulation (GTmax)
  • Analysis of documentation related to the third-party access to the cross-border interconnectors
  • Final Report