Мodel Development for Dynamic Analyses of Power System of Serbia

Мodel development for dynamic analyses of power system of Serbia

client: EMS (Serbia)

type: Internal Study (Transmission, Generation)

finishing date: September 2008 (January 2009)

team: Consortium EINT Electrotechnical Institute "Nikola Tesla" - EKC; EKC team: Dj. Dobrijevic, N. Krajisnik, T. Martinovic

Objective of the study is to collect all necessary data for Serbian power system and to build dynamic model which supports all types of stability and dynamic analyses (transient stability analyses, short-term, mid-term and long-term dynamics, small signal stability,…) as well as to create corresponding database. Model will be developed for two software tools currently in use in EMS: PSS/E and DigSILENT, with objective to get model that accurately corresponds to real system behavior, which will be used for advanced system stability and dynamic analyses, developing defense plan mechanisms, evaluation of connection of new production units, evaluation of influence of power grid development etc. All power plants connected to voltage levels of 400, 220 and 110 kV will be detailed modeled.

In phase of verification, the models will be tested against historical data from recorded disturbances in system of Serbia and, if necessary, fine tuning of the models will be performed.

Type of services provided:

  • Data collection and data analyses
  • On site recordings
  • Dynamic modeling and database building
  • Tuning of dynamic models
  • Dynamic model verification