Organizational and Operational Support to Georgian Transmission System Operator (GSE)

Organizational and Operational Support to Georgian Transmission System Operator (GSE)

Client: Fichtner Management Consulting AG (Germany), European Union, GSE (Georgia)

Type: Other

Finishing date: April 2023

Team: Slobodan Markovic, Djordje Dobrijevic

The main objectives of the work was the following:

  • The review of the transfer capacity allocation process prepared by Georgian Transmission System Operator (GSE) through the assessment of the proposed Allocation Rules with respect to whether the proposed document is in line to EU standards.
  • To introduce GSE into European Cross boarder trade and further liberalization of electricity market.
  • Self-assessment under the compliance monitoring scheme of ENTSO-E
  • Provision of a constructive proposal regarding the process of allocation of capacity and opportunities for implementation of secondary market for exchanging of Physical Transmission Rights.
  • Provision of the conditions for remuneration of Holders of returned Physical Transmission Rights, as well as proposal for mechanism for cross-border procurement of manual Frequency Restoration Reserve (mFRR).
  • Organization of the trainings, one on-line and one as two days in Tbilisi (Georgia).
  • Provision of the report and training on quality assurance, to check how well TSO’s business operations meet their regulatory, legislative, contractual and other types of obligations was organized, and the appropriate report was provided.
  • Provision of an overview of Compliance Monitoring Process in ENTSO-E, and Self-assessment and on-site compliance monitoring examples.

Type of services provided:

  • Training courses
  • Assessment of the national electricity legislations in Georgia and analyses of compatibility to EU rules
  • Consultations of TSO to improve internal and national legislations