PSS/E HVDC models

PSS/E HVDC models

Client: CESI S.p.A. (Italy)

Type: Report

Finishing date: November 2020

Team: Milan Ivanovic - Project Manager

A robust and flexible LCC HVDC model is developed according to client specification.

PSS/E model is equipped with VDCOL (Voltage Dependent Current Order Limit) control to perform steady-state and transient stability simulations. The over voltage protection at both ends is set up (when a pole is lost, the external capacitive compensation will be disconnected). UVRT and OVRT protection is also implemented. Frequency control is set up by additional frequency sensitive auxiliary signal model with adjustable frequency droop setting, two semi-dead bands, power limits and power rate limits. Each of model functionalities is verified by the specific simulations.

The report contains detailed description of the HVDC components, theoretical background of the HVDC performance in normal operation and operation during transients, detailed description of both steady-state and dynamic model parameters.

Type of services provided:

  • Development of steady-state and dynamic LCC HVDC models
  • HVDC overvoltage protection
  • UVRT and OVRT
  • Frequency sensitive auxiliary signal model