Regional Feasibility Study for Voltage Profiles Improvement in Western Balkan 6 Region

Western Balkan 6 Region
Regional Feasibility Study for Voltage Profiles Improvement in Western Balkan 6 Region

Client: GOPA INTEC/HILL International (Germany)

Finishing date: November 2019 (January 2021)

Type: Study (Transmission)

Team: Nebojsa Jovic - Project Manager, Slobodan Markovic - Project Manager, M. Vukovic - Consultant, Dj. Dobrijevic, M. Ivanovic, M. Stojanovic, O. Vukovic, B. Brdjanin, B. Lutovac

TSOs in WB6 region have existing system operation difficulties to maintain voltages at all nodes of the power system within the required range, stipulated in national Grid Codes and ENTSO-E Network Codes. The main objective of regional feasibility study is to enhance voltage profiles consistently throughout the WB6 region in the most efficient and effective manner. In this course, it is necessary to identify the causes of steady-state over-voltages, develop a methodology to deliver the optimal solution, propose several alternative solutions (location and technical solution) to remedy the identified problems and recommend/gain agreement on the optimal solution for implementation at the regional/multilateral/bilateral* level with the appropriate roadmap.

The feasibility study comprises the following activities:

  • Activity 1: Inception phase comprising preparation of input data questionnaires, adoption of methodology for definition of optimal solution and creation of project work plan;
  • Activity 2: The Feasibility Study
    • Identification of the current situation and determination of the Feasibility Study scenarios
    • Creation and validation of the simulation models for defined characteristic scenarios
    • Analysis of the legal, regulatory, operational and technical framework for transmission system operations
    • Power system analysis with development of the proposals for problem solution
    • Environmental and Social Appraisal
    • Cost-benefit analysis
    • Decision Making Process
    • Final Feasibility Study Report and Investment plan
  • Activity 3: Project Implementation Roadmap.

Type of services provided:

  • Data collection and analyses
  • Steady-state and dynamic model creation
  • Steady state analyses
  • Dynamic analyses
  • SCADA/EMS data assessment
  • Recommendation for protection settings