Smart Grid Solutions in MEPSO; Smart Grid Improvements – Lot 3: Automated Demand Response

FYR of Macedonia
Smart Grid Solutions in MEPSO; Smart Grid Improvements – Lot 3: Automated Demand Response

client: AD MEPSO (FYR of Macedonia)

type: Strategic Study

finishing date: November 2018

team: Zoran Nesovanovic – Project Manager, M. Vukovic – Consultant, M. Stojkovic, M. Stojanovic - Demand Analysts, D. Orlic - Market Analysts and Business Model, D. Vlaisavljevic - Market Analysts, O. Vukovic - Market Analysts and Business Model, P. Miksa - Grid Analysts, Dj. Dobrijevic, B. Sijakovic - Technology Analyst, N. Jovic - Technology Analyst and Business Model, S. Savic - Legal advisor

The strategic objective of the study is to define basic framework and guidelines for potential development of future programs for integration of demand response in Macedonian Transmission System in terms of achieving a greater security of supply in the system, as well as greater economic efficiency and increased sustainability.

Project tasks:

  • Legal framework – detail review of the legislative framework in republic of Macedonia and developed countries, suggestions for necessary further amendments to legislative framework in terms of Demand Response
  • Demand Response options analysis - classification of the demand in groups, creation of consumption diagram and identification of the demand portfolio
  • Market Effects and their impact on demand behavior – review and characteristics of tariff plans, role of Demand Response Aggregators
  • Demand Response technologies – overview of the basic functionalities that are needed to be incorporated into a Demand Response program and technologies that enable the above functionalities
  • Business plans concerning Demand Response - what is a Demand Response business model and benefits and challenges of Demand Response
  • Suggestions for DR Program design – with general criteria for design of Demand Response programs.

Type of services provided:

  • Project Management
  • Consultancy services in following domains
    • Analysis of demand behavior
    • Analysis of electricity market
    • Analysis of the transmission network
    • Analysis of the technologies allowing implementation of the Demand Response
    • Preparation of the business model for potential implementation of Demand Response
    • Legal consulting