Technical Solution of the Connection of Power Plants owned by ERS to the Transmission System of B&H

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Technical Solution of the Connection of Power Plants owned by ERS to the Transmission System of B&H

Client: ZD IRCE a.d., MH Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Type: Study

Finishing date: April 2020

Team: Slobodan Markovic – Study Leader, M. Vukovic – Consultant, B. Sijakovic, D. Todorovic, Z. Velickovic

The aim of the Preliminary Feasibility Study "Technical solution for connection of planned production facilities of Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske to the power system of Bosnia and Herzegovina" is to examine the possibility of connection and definition of location of new power plants in Herzegovina area. The main aim was to examine, possibility to connect new RES to the transmission network, keeping the power system safe and enabling consumers and producers secure, respecting the minimum connection costs.

The planned power plants will be built in the area of the municipalities of Trebinje, Bileća, Berkovići and Nevesinje. The following generation facilities are taken into the consideration: PV Trebinje 1 (100MW + additional 100MW), WPP Trusina (51MW), WPP Grebak (49.5MW), PV Bileća (60MW), HPP Dabar (176.4MW), HPP Bileca (33.5MW), WPP Hrgud (48MW), PV Ljubinje (65MW), WPP Radimlja (51MW), WPP Morine - Kosjerevo (50MW), WPP Morine - Vranješa (40MW), WPP Treskavica (45MW).

The analyses performed within this Study included the following tasks:

  • selection of the location of the substations and appropriate corridors for connection of overheads lines;
  • analyses of power flows and voltage conditions;
  • security analysis (N-1 security criteria);
  • calculation of short-circuit currents;
  • analysis of investment costs in the transmission network.

Final assessment has shown that it is necessary to make a precise plan for the construction of all renewables sources, because the connection of the most of them is influenced by connecting the others (mutual influence). It is necessary to have a precise construction plan in order not to oversize the transmission network. In order to minimize the costs of investment in the transmission network, it is necessary to take into account the cost-effectiveness of the construction of all relevant sources in a way that it takes into account the minimum costs of construction of the transmission network.

Type of services provided:

  • Load flow calculations
  • System security assessment
  • Assessment of the route of connection lines and location of substations
  • Cost Estimation of the construction of connecting elements to the transmission network
  • Short circuit calculation