TNA 2.3. APG: Transmission Network Analyzer – CGMES Extension

TNA 2.3. APG: Transmission Network Analyzer – CGMES Extension

Client: Austrian Power Grid APG (Austria)

Finishing date: February 2020

Type: Software (Software, Transmission)

Team: Consortium EKC - Schneider Electric DMS; EKC Team: Zoran Vujasinovic – Project Manager, B. Lutovac, D. Todorovic, B. Brdjanin

Within this project, the upgrade TNA 2.3 software license is provided to Austrian Power Grid (APG), with additional functionalities and the support to the network models in CGMES format.

The total list of TNA functionalities with support to both UCT and CGMES formats delivered to APG is:

  • AC Load Flow
  • DC Load Flow
  • Area Interchange
  • Contingency: n-x (AC, DC)
  • OTDF (AC, DC)
  • Island Checker
  • Network reduction
  • Network equivalent
  • Generation&Load shift
  • Contingency Builders
  • Monitoring Builders
  • Statistics: losses
  • Statistics: contingency
  • Model Builder
  • Graphical Builder
  • NTC calculation, single
  • Flow-based calculation (PTDF/RAM)
  • PTDF/OTDF usage for CB/CO filtering
  • GSK Builder (for FB)
  • CBCO builder (for FB)
  • Nodal PTDF
  • Power Flow Colouring/Decomposition
  • API functionality

Additionally, the upgrade of Floating License Server (FLS) is provided.