TNA: Upgrade of PFC Function for APG

TNA: Upgrade of PFC Function for APG

client: Austrian Power Grid - APG (Austria)

type: Software

finishing date: October 2018

team: Dusan Vlaisavljevic – Project Manager, Z. Vujasinovic and I. Mihajlovic-Vlaisavljevic – Consultants, B. Lekovic

The project included development of the enhanced version of TNA PFC (Power Flow Colouring) function for power flow decomposition. The PFC upgrade includes: pairing of energy exporting bidding zones with energy importing bidding zones based on electrical distance; calculation and representations of phase shift transformers (PSTs) circular flows, as well as decomposition of market flows on export/import and transit flows.

Type of services provided:

  • Development of methodology for power flow decomposition
  • Delivery of upgraded PFC function for power flow decomposition