Balance Energy Tool for Southeast Europe

Web-based platform for the Southeast European inter-TSO balancing market, used as a prototype for the development of Regional Balancing Mechanism (RBM).

The development of a Regional Balancing Market in Southeast Europe is in itself an important building block on the road to creating a common electricity market in the region.

TSOs regional working groups for Balance Management, as well as individual TSOs' initiatives, defined the basic features of future Regional Balancing Mechanism in SEE. Since 2006, BETSEE platform is made and used to visualize, test and practice the agreed properties of future regional balancing mechanism.

BETSEE is used for the administration of offers for trade of electricity at intra-day time horizon, at the inter-TSO balancing purposes by the Southeast European TSOs. Platform is based on the exchange of hourly electricity products, placed to the common availability list. 

The network constraints are modelled through ATC values at the TSOs' borders. Platform is opened also to the modelling of the network constraints via the flow-based parameters (PTDF/Maxflow). 

The electricity trade is organized through the Continuous Trading principle applied by the buyers. Each participating company is able to buy the balancing energy offered at the availability list, where the selection criteria is based on the lower cost bids and respecting of ATC as the network constraints.

For each user, and depending on its electrical position (due to ATC constraints), and available offers, BETSEE calculates in advance the trading possibilities per each Megawatt available. These possibilities are provided in the form of graph for each hour, upon which the trade is available.