Market Coupling Simulator (MaCSim)

Market Coupling Simulator (MaCSim) is a web-based software for the simulation of day-ahead European price coupling, in forms of NTC-based and Flow-based Market Coupling.

MaCSim is developed by EKC and DMS Group as a web based software tool for performing the simulations of day-ahead market coupling of electricity markets.

Key features of MaCSim are:

  • Integrates electricity markets in different areas on day ahead level
  • Both a mechanism for trading the commodity (electricity) and an implicit cross-border capacity allocation mechanism
  • Market areas and connection between them are configurable (in the manner that user can add, delete or change market areas/connections in order to customize and create the desired market coupling model)
  • Electricity trade products can be represented as hourly orders and block orders
  • The network constraints for the electricity trade for each hour are modelled through the ATC values (in case of transaction-based, i.e. ATC-based market coupling) or MF values (in case of Flow-based market coupling)
  • Supports user roles of:
    • Market Participants that can trade energy
    • TSOs that can define network constraints
    • Market Coupling Operator which is in charge of market coupling process
    • Market Coupling Administrator which defines market areas participating in market coupling and connections between them
    • Guest which is in charge for regulatory supervision of market coupling platform and process
  • Detail reporting including tables with graphical representations, with relevant information regarding:
    • Marginal clearing prices (MCP) for each market area and each hour
    • The set of executed orders
    • Revenues and profit of all participants in market coupling process
    • Net export positions for each market area and each hour
    • Network congestions and TSOs congestion revenues
    • Total social economic welfare of market coupling process.