Conversion and merging utility software

Conversion and merging utility software which allows bidirectional conversion of data between UCTE data format and PSS/E raw format as well as merging of several models into one. The software is recommended by the ENTSO-E (UCTE) Secretariat and is widely used by more then half of European TSOs.

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Supported formats:

UCTE data exchange format
  • UCTE-DEF 02 (2007.05.01)
  • UCTE-DEF 01 (2003.09.01)
PTI raw format
  • Version 32
  • Version 31
  • Version 30
  • Version 29
  • Converting from UCTE format data to PTI raw format data and vice versa;
  • Converting between different versions of UCTE format data;
  • Converting between different versions of PTI raw format data;
  • Merging several models (UCTE format data and/or PTI raw format data) into one UCTE format data as well as into one PTI raw format data;
  • Checking and fixing found problems in the UCTE format input data;
  • Checking and fixing found problems in the PTI raw format input data.

  • Useful for companies which use: PSS/E, PSLF, other software which support PTI or UCTE;
  • User frendly;
  • A lots of options;        
  • Detailed reports;
  • Continuous updating;
  • Adjusting to requirements of users;
  • Quick response to user's requirements.
  • Everyday usage in the ENTSO-E Secretariat;
  • Everyday usage in several TSOs in Europe;
  • Important role in IPS/UPS project;
  • Used in other regional projects.

Clients with professional license:

ENTSO-E Secretariat

CAO Freising (Germany)

OST (TSO in Albania)

NOS (TSO in Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Amprion (TSO in Germany)

IPTO (TSO in Greece)       

MEPSO (TSO in Macedonia)

CGES (TSO in Montenegro)      

SEPS (TSO in Slovakia)

REE (TSO of Spain)

TEIAS (TSO in Turkey)


DMS Group (Consulting company, Serbia)

Clients with limited license:

ESO (TSO in Bulgaria)

HEP-TSO (TSO in Croatia)

MAVIR (TSO in Hungary)

TERNA (TSO in Italy)

TEL (TSO in Romania)

EMS (TSO in Serbia)

ELES (TSO in Slovenia)

SWISSGRID (TSO in Switzerland)

Siemens PTI office in UK

Siemens PTI office in Germany

Riecado (Consulting company, Austria)

SmartTech (Consulting company, Austria)

EPC (Consulting company, Poland)