TPC Tool

Technical Parameters Calculation Tool - Software for models processing, load flow and PTDF/Maxflow calculation, designed for CEE Central Allocation Office in Freising for 8-TSOs flow-based coordinated auctions.

TPCtool is software developed in cooperation of EKC and SE DMS.

TPCtool is specialized software made for the Central Allocation Office (CAO) in Freising (Germany), for the procedures of automatic validation and merging of network models, and the calculation of PTDF/MF values, at yearly, monthly and daily (D-2) time horizon. TPCtool calculates the technical parameters for the flow-based coordinated auctions, investigated for the implementation in the region of Central-East Europe, among seven CEE countries and eight TSOs (APG, ELES, MAVIR, 50HzT, TENNET-DE, PSE-O, CEPS and SEPS).

TPCtool is recommended by CAO Freising in 2012, for wide usage across Europe.